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What is the main reason for the price of the centrifuge?

2018/9/21 10:43:38      click :
  The demand for centrifuges should be constantly developed in the current era. The centrifuge industry is growing and showing a good market prospect. The main job of the centrifuge industry is to greatly improve the technical level of products, and to make personalized and intelligent products the future of the enterprise. The main direction of the attack, thereby improving the market competitiveness of the entire industry.
  What should I pay attention to when placing the centrifuge?
  Centrifuges are generally placed in a dry place away from direct sunlight. Centrifuge heat dissipation is relatively large, do not pile up debris around, surrounded by walls, baffles and other items that are not airtight, poor heat dissipation, at least 10cm. At the same time, the centrifuge should be placed in a room as far as possible, and no organic reagents or flammable materials should be placed around.
  What maintenance should be the centrifuge pay attention to, which can extend the life?
  After each use, the lid of the centrifuge should be opened to allow the heat or moisture to evaporate naturally. If you have used low temperature centrifugation before, there may be icing, then wait for the ice to melt, and wipe it with dry cotton gauze in time, etc. Cover the cover with obvious moisture. If the centrifuge rotor can be replaced, each rotor should be removed in time after use, cleaned with a clean, dry medical gauze, and placed under the buckle. Do not use a sharp scraper. The aluminum rotor should be cleaned frequently, and the centrifuge should not be maintained and repaired frequently. The operator should cut off the power when leaving. For the first time users, please consult the personnel who have used it before or refer to the instruction manual. Do not use it blindly.
  The price of the centrifuge is mainly determined by its performance, so everyone must choose the centrifuge that suits you when purchasing the centrifuge. Do not blindly purchase some high-performance centrifuges. Blindly choosing a high-performance centrifuge is not only impractical, it also wastes costs. In addition to this, when buying a centrifuge, you should also pay attention to the brand's problems. The natural quality of different brands of centrifuges is definitely very different, and some performances may also differ. When using the centrifuge, professional personnel are also required to operate. Otherwise, the centrifuge may be damaged, and the non-professionals may easily affect the service life of the centrifuge when operating the centrifuge.
  After the centrifuge is used, it will inevitably have some problems. For example, the centrifuge is getting louder and louder when it is used, and the vibration of the centrifuge is getting stronger. How to solve these problems?
  If the noise of the centrifuge is getting larger and larger, this means that the raw materials inside the centrifuge are blocked, so it is necessary to regularly drain the slag and clean the dust. In the process of cleaning, the Chinese and Western centrifuges must be repeated to ensure that the doping is not left inside, focusing on flushing the tax method and the pump. As for why the centrifuge is getting stronger and stronger, this is because the equipment is used for too long, too hot, and beyond the usual time, so it needs to be stopped for a while.
  It is widely used in the medical field, and blood separation, virus research, DNA research, and drug purification are widely used in centrifuges. It has the characteristics of good adaptability, high degree of automation, stable operation, strong processability, good corrosion resistance, good operating environment, complete and reliable safety protection device and beautiful appearance. The centrifuge used in the refining process such as drug purification is a general low-speed centrifuge with a rotation speed of less than 4,000 rpm and a large amount of processing. In order to meet the GMP specifications and requirements for pharmaceutical production, it is generally made of flat stainless steel.