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More mysteries of the centrifuge are waiting for everyone to discover and explore

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  In the market, centrifuges are already a significant one. The use of centrifuges seems to be very straightforward, but when you actually operate, you will find that you need to know some common sense, so the centrifuge More mysteries are waiting for everyone to discover and explore.
  Centrifuges have many advantages as a means. For example, ultracentrifugation can be operated at low temperatures, protecting the activity of biological macromolecules. The preparative centrifuge has a large loading capacity and can separate and purify a few grams of the sample at a time, which is considerably higher than that of chromatography and electrophoresis. The analysis centrifuge cannot only measure the molecular weight of the substance, but also the purity, conformation and sedimentation coefficient of the substance. Therefore, centrifugation technology plays a major role in biological research and is a convenient and effective tool for isolating and purifying cells, viruses, proteins, nucleic acids and enzymes.
  Centrifuges are generally placed in a dry place away from direct sunlight. Centrifuge heat dissipation is relatively enormous, do not pile up debris around, surrounded by walls, baffles and other items that are not airtight, inadequate heat dissipation, at least 10cm. At the same time, the centrifuge should be positioned in a room as far as possible, and no organic reagents or flammable materials should be placed around. A centrifuge is a high speed rotating machine. It is a special equipment that uses centrifugal force to separate the speed of precipitation of different substances in a centrifugal field. Unique equipment for rapid separation of mixed solutions is a centrifuge tube, bottle or bag containing a sample solution. The rhyme head is placed on the centrifugal shaft, and the powerful centrifugal force generated by the high speed rotation of the rotating shaft around the shaft is used to separate and separate the particles of different properties in the sample, so that the sample can be analyzed and separated.
  Centrifuge usual precautions:
  The laboratory is commonly used in electric centrifuges. The electric centrifuge rotates at a high-speed. It is necessary in order to pay attention to safety. In particular, it is necessary in order to prevent the centrifuge from moving while working during the operation of the centrifuge, so that it moves from the bench. When it falls, or the cover is not the subject, the centrifuge tube is broken by vibration, and the glass fragments are rotated and flew out, causing an accident. Therefore, the following operations must be taken into consideration in using the centrifuge.
  (1) The bottom of the centrifuge casing should be padded with cotton or test tube pads.
  (2) If the electric centrifuge is vibrating or the body is vibrating, the power should be reduced off immediately to eliminate the fault immediately.
  (3) The centrifuge tube must be placed symmetrically into the casing to prevent the body from vibrating. If only one sample tube is to be replaced with water of equal quality.
  (4) When starting the centrifuge, the top cover of the centrifuge should be covered before it can be started slowly.
  (5) After the separation is completed, the centrifuge is turned off first, and after the centrifuge stops rotating, the centrifuge cover can be called to order at take out the sample, and no external force can be utilized to force the movement to stop.
  (6) The centrifugation time is generally 1 to 2 minutes. During this period, the experimenter must not leave to do other things.
  (7) Note on electric use: In the research institutes of enterprises or institutions, low-speed experimental centrifuges with a rotational speed of about 3000 rpm have been commonly used, such as 315 type filtration and sedimentation integrated experimental centrifuge, 100 type experimental centrifuge, type 200. Experimental centrifuges, etc. These centrifuges are reasonably designed, have a low center of gravity, are safe and stable, and have gained greater application in the analysis of pre-samples in the chemical, food, and medical fields.
  Centrifuges are commonly used in the medical field, and blood separation, virus research, DNA research, and drug purification are widely used in centrifuges. It holds the characteristics of good adaptability, high degree of automation, stable operation, strong processability, good corrosion resistance, a safe operating environment, complete and reliable safety protection device and beautiful appearance. The centrifuge used in the refining process such as drug purification is an example of low-speed centrifuge with a rotation speed of less than 4, 000 rpms and a large amount of processing. In order to meet the GMP specifications and requirements for pharmaceutical production, it is generally made of flat stainless steel.
  The centrifuge is as smooth and suave as possible in the structural design, and the surface is neat, expelling the corners of the body and repelling dead spots such as effusion and accumulation. All stainless steel surfaces should be polished and polished to a glossy surface. The centrifuge is as glib and persuasive as possible in the organizational design, and the surface is neat, expelling the corners of the body and repelling dead spots such as effusion and accumulation. All stainless steel surfaces should be polished and polished to a shiny surface.