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How to ensure the safety and centrifugal effect of a refrigerated centrifuge

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In order to ensure the safety and centrifugal effect of the Refrigerated centrifuge, The instrument must be placed on a solid level countertops, plastic items can not be placed on the door, the samples should be placed symmetrically, and ensure that tighten the nut before starting. Before using should check whether the rotor has scars, erosion and other phenomena, while in front of the centrifuge cup will not crack, aging and other aspects of the inspection, found that the questions immediately stop the use and contact with The factory, and before starting the operation was turned over and be sure to tighten the nuts compression, to prevent high-speed rotation of the rotor that comes flying out of the accident. The speed setting must not exceed the maximum speed to ensure safe operation of the machine. If the use of a refrigerated centrifuge or other figures 0.00, the machine is not running, it should be turned off and start again after 10 seconds, the display of the speed to be set, then the operation button, the machine It will work as usual. For the separation by gravity of the sample of more than 1.2 g / cc, the maximum rotation speed N must be corrected by the following equation: N = NMAX * (1.2 / sample specific gravity) 1/2, NMAX = limit of rotor speed. Do not open the door during the operation of the machine or the rotor is not stopped to avoid accidents.

Centrifugal cups in Refrigerated centrifuge should be filled with the same amount of sample and not run the rotor in an unbalanced condition. It is better that the centrifuge does not work more than 60 minutes at a time. It must be grounded with reliability, the machine is not used, unplug the power cord. Cryogenic centrifugal cryogenic separation technology is an indispensable tool in molecular biology research. Preparation of separation of treatment, precipitation and recovery of protein enzyme and other gene fragments of biological samples, are inseparable centrifugation at low temperature, the freezing of this centrifugal mode have become important tools in molecular biology research is necessary. The refrigerated centrifuge should be placed on a solid floor or platform, and should strive to level the machine to avoid the centrifuge caused by the vibration of the machine. In turn in the installed power according to the requirements necessary to convert, shows the preliminarily balanced tray balance is placed in a sample holder head (the bowl must be balanced simultaneously with the sample), close the cover. Press the function selection key to set the various requirements: temperature, speed, time, acceleration and deceleration, the computer controlled machine also need to press the Save button to remember the input information. Press the start button, the frozen centrifuge will perform the above parameters to operate, at the programmed time it will turn off automatically. After refrigerated centrifuge stops rotating completely open the cover, remove the samples were centrifuged, and clean inside wall of the rotor cavity with a clean and soft cloth machine, just to be closer to the closed lid and the temperature of centrifuge room camera.


Refrigerated centrifuge chamber lid, rotor lid and lid mode provided with an oil and rubber O-ring centrifugal of different thickness and size, and its role in the process of blocking the air evacuation channel, the container containing the desired vacuum or atmospheric pressure. Seal the door of the centrifugal chamber in the vacuum process, to prevent the outside air in the cavity to maintain a certain degree of high vacuum. The rotor cover and the seal paper of the centrifugal tube cover, on the other hand, in order to isolate the vacuum chamber invade the intrusion, so the pressure of the centrifugal rotor and the atmospheric pressure of it. If the rotor and cap seal is not good, the sample spill directly affects the results, but also causes a negative pressure inside the tube and the inner rotor in such a way that the rotor cap and it is difficult to open the lid, the visible sealing important role.

In the pre-cooling state of a refrigerated centrifuge, the centrifuge lid must be closed, after centrifugation to remove it turned inside out in the bank, dried on water chamber, the centrifuge cover is open. Spin around the head can be placed on the centrifuge platform when it is cooled or placed in the experimental stage, floating on the rotor, because once it is in error, the rotor cover will fly away, causing an accident! After the cover of the transfer head you must use a touch of a finger or absence to tighten a gap between the rotor cover and the transfer, if the unscrewing gap tightens again until the centrifuge starts before confirming that none gap. Centrifuge the process of the refrigerated centrifuge, the operator must not leave the centrifuge room, in the case of an exception, the operator can not turn off the ENERGY power), press STOP. In the pre-cooling centrifuge to complete the use of records. Do not use fake centrifuge tubes. Do not use old, deformed or cracked centrifuge tubes. Leave on the last day of vacation and night using a routine safety control of the centrifuge. In the process of using the equipment, machine failure, damage to the parts for timely contact with technical personnel.