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Refrigerated high-speed centrifuge high-speed rotary seal design

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Refrigerated high-speed centrifuge the high speed rotary seal design is a mechanical seal structure, also known as a mechanical seal face seal, which is mainly used for the sealing needs of the rotating shaft. With high-speed rotation of the shaft sealing ring at the same high-speed rotation speed, the stationary seal ring remains stationary during operation by the anti-rotation pin driven during high-speed rotation, and therefore is generated the stationary sealing ring and the sealing surface between the rotational friction ring, It is also the sealing surface of the key. Vacuum sealed chamber, without refrigerant wash is a vacuum seal to achieve the conditions for the dry friction structure. The refrigerated high-speed centrifugal o-rings are available for static sealing anywhere in the working chamber. In the transfer of the main axis of the work turntable a high speed rotation of the spindle seal problem was found. If the traditional seal can not meet the requirements, it is necessary to design a seal structure to meet the requirements.

Each laboratory of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and several universities have installed several types of high-speed refrigerated centrifuge, and the centrifugal separation technology is mainly used to prepare various biological samples, suspension of the biological sample to a high-speed rotation, since the large centrifugal force, the fine suspended particles (organelles, the precipitation of biological macromolecules, etc.) at a constant rate of subsidence to be separated from the solution, and the sedimentation rate depends on the quality, size and density of the particles. A centrifuge in the biological sciences is already very much a high-speed centrifugal centrifugation centrifugation technology in the biological sciences, especially in the field of biochemistry and molecular biology, it has played an important role. Today, we mainly present refrigerated high-speed centrifuge in the field of biological science, what is the role, I hope you can help everyone.
In general, often with "rpm" low speed centrifugation speed is represented, a centrifugal force during centrifugal high speed centrifugal refrigerated high speed generated places "g" FIG. It is noted that the central tube distance axis of rotation in the form of particles of different decanting location in a centrifuge tube "r", that is, the centrifugal force suffered differently. Therefore, when the condition ultracentrifuge report, almost always in multiples of severity "× g" instead of the number of revolutions per minute "rpm", because it can really reflect the centrifugal force and dynamic changes in different positions within the tube of centrifugal particles. Centrifugal force data in the scientific literature generally refers to its average (RCFav), that is, the centrifugal force in the center of the centrifuge tube.

To facilitate the conversion between the rotation speed and the relative centrifugal force, using the formula Doz and RCF, the manufacturing speed "rpm", the relative centrifugal force "RCF" radio nomogram and the rotation of the relations between "r" , the method Convenient drawings that the method of formula calculation. When the cooled centrifugal conversion speed, to assume a known radius r and the scale of the rule take a known number of centrifuge rpm, and then these draw a straight line between two points of intersection on the scale of the RCF figure that is, the corresponding value of relative centrifugal force. Note that, if the right turn on the scale of known rpm value, the right RCF should read the RCF reading of the scale scale of values, values of the rpm rotation scale on the left, the value should be left.

Centrifuge is one of the most used basic equipment in the laboratory, widely used in hospital laboratories, centrifuges are very serums, sedimentation of visible cells, concentrated bacteria, PCR tests and such essential tools. Centrifugal optional, according to the size of the workload, mainly from the speed and capacity of two options.