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PRP (platelet rich plasma) centrifuge beauty process

2018/2/9 10:19:23      click :
PRP (platelet rich plasma) centrifuge is the use of its own blood-rich platelet rich plasma. Principle of beauty: PRP contains fibronectin and fibronectin. Fibronectin is a macromolecular glycoprotein that has a variety of biological activities. It can promote cell adhesion growth, and cell adhesion is the body structure that can be maintained, the conditions necessary to complete cell growth.
It also facilitates the migration and proliferation of epithelial cells to repair wounds and also plays a positive role in the improvement of peripheral vascular and pulmonary functions. On the basis of these characteristics fibronectin, which can promote cell renewal, as well as to resolve wrinkles and scars due to weak cells, aging, water shortage and other causes fundamentally. It also solved the pores of the skin and the defects of the skin tissue.
PRP (platelet rich plasma) centrifuge also rapid bleeding, pain, accelerate wound healing, can greatly reduce postoperative scar formation is widely used in various surgical procedures, heart surgery, and plastic surgery, is also widely used Now Medical Beauty PRP is defined medically.
PRP centrifugal beauty procedures:
1, after cleaning and disinfection, medical assistants accumulate in the elbow that 10-20ml of venous blood and arterial on the steps when the five-minute examination to complete, only the minor pain
2, the doctor will separate the various components of the blood in the refrigerated centrifuge rpm 4000 (with temperature control), this step is about 10-20 minutes, after which the blood will separate into plasma, leukocytes, platelets and four erythrocytes
3, the instrument can be used to solve the set of PRP technology complex previous production process PRP required, complicated production and long cycle configuration problem. The doctor may need a point of special platelet extract plate packet that contains a high concentration and a high concentration of platelet growth factors of 4, and finally in which the doctor injected the growth factor injected again that you need to improve the skin of the site, this process will not be to feel pain, it usually only takes 10-20 minutes.