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Lu Xiang centrifuge FDA approved

2014/4/14 17:49:37      click :

    The US Food and Drug Administration (Food and Drug Administration, FDA) is one of the implementing agencies set up by the US government in the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and the Ministry of Public Health (PHS) in. As a scientific authority, FDA is responsible for ensuring food, cosmetics, drugs, biologics, medical devices and safety of US domestic production or imported products radiation. It is one of the first federal agencies to protect consumers as the main functions.

    US FDA certification bodies organized in April 8, 2014, to the centrifuge instrument Hailu Xiang Instrument Co., Ltd. for a four-day inspection certification.


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Product testing site


Functional test site


Workshop centrifuge production equipment inspection site


 Production of centrifuge parts Process Field


Centrifuges accessories finished process inspection


Successful completion of the FDA certification inspection

US FDA certification agency staff according to FDA requirements, all the information I am in the process of the production of centrifuges, including access to plant inspection drawings, process, inspection, raw materials, processing procedures, test equipment, test measuring the test data, customized products sales contracts, records, statistics, archiving, sale and processing of documents, records customer visits, customer evaluation records, ledger processing equipment, equipment maintenance, maintenance record, process, assembly process, factory testing process, the factory logo process , product design (project - design drawings - prototype production - a small group of trial - pilot - batch production) All information document the whole process, employee training programs, and production safety inspection carried out a detailed comparison. Through a series of links, FDA organization of our company's management, production, facilities to give a high degree of recognition, and grant our FDA certification. Thus, on Hailu Xiang centrifuge machines Co., Ltd. became the first industry centrifuges by the US FDA certification of enterprises, select centrifuge pointed out the direction for our pharmaceutical, health care, universities, research and other industries.

Note: FDA certification
FDA certification is the abbreviation of the US Food and Drug Administration, which is the international health authority review, by the US Congress authorized the Federal Government, specializing in the highest law enforcement authority of the Food and Drug Administration. FDA is a by doctors, lawyers, microbiologists, pharmacologists, chemists and statisticians, and other professional personnel composed of dedicated to protecting, promoting and enhancing national health monitoring government health regulatory agency. FDA-approved food, drugs, cosmetics and medical instruments to ensure that the human body is safe and effective. In the United States nearly 100 countries, only adopted the FDA-approved medicines, equipment and technology to commercialize clinical application.