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2013 on Hailu Xiang-centrifuge machines Sanya Annual Meeting

2014/1/15 17:15:06      click :

- - 2013-centrifuge machines Ltd. on Hailu Xiang Sanya Annual Meeting

"Lu Xiang will go to where the instrument of" 2013-centrifuge machines Ltd. on Hailu Xiang will be the first stop for the interior of the beautiful Sanya, Hainan. January 3, 2014 afternoon, the staff on Hailu Xiang-centrifuge machines at the airport of departure from the company, began a Wutiansiwan instrument of Luxiang company Sanya Annual trip.

Annual Meeting on the same day evening flight arrived in Haikou, the arrangements for their stay, the six teams have organized a small party, Hainan coconut rain people relax, work pressure and exhaustion say goodbye, everyone in this moment talk about life talk about the future under quiet conditions. The instrument Hailu Xiang is a passionate and dynamic place, during our work positive, to work together over a task, rather than the work we enjoy the release of his own, in the most relaxed frame of mind to feel the beauty of life.

Chat night colleagues, relax after a start towards Sanya enjoy island style, all my colleagues drove to Sanya, rich folk customs, the characteristics of Miao and into rivers, the sea, the foothills of the islands in one, set in coconut forest, beach, rocks, hot springs, idyllic scenery in one of the Boao, known as the world's most perfect record in the Guinness Book of records estuaries Jade Belt beach, Dadonghai national seashore and tourist areas, so that everyone's heart At this moment thoroughly flying. Into the natural after that night me and my little friends stay at the hotel, some swim, some dinner, play some board games, walk or talk. Fatigue and toil of the past year in this completely quiet time to forget behind.

Annual days tour tour: the famous Yalong Bay, Wuzhizhou, ends of the earth, the permanent site of the Boao Forum for Asia, Noda tropical rainforest 4A level scenic spots, have laughter everywhere, every corner has a pretty shadows photos. The journey is always short, to leave, many of my colleagues in the local purchase of specialty products and hand the letter to friends and family. Will stay in a beautiful memory, a note will weigh bring friends and relatives, the annual trip to Sanya on Hailu Xiang-centrifuge machines at the moment set foot on the return of a successful conclusion.

Short end of the journey, but the journey is still continuing to campaign, from the company after the award swim back, and everyone tense sprint into the end of the performance. With the beauty of Sanya relax after a new start of hard work, as the instrument of Luxiang every employee, we all have strong high-spirited fighting spirit, with a dream, the way we work hard, in the laughter Luxiang instrument to achieve our common staff dream!