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BIORIDGE Centrifuge adds new kinetic energy

2018/9/6 17:51:05      click :
Guided by scientific research and innovation, Shanghai Luxiangyi Centrifuge Instrument Co., Ltd., which focuses on quality control, ushered in a special guest. What kind of story happened between them, and what kind of influence will it have on Shanghai Lu Xiangyi? And listen to the details.

Drive the “core” force and achieve the goal of “Made in China 2025”, without the need to incorporate innovative genes into product design and equipment manufacturing. This means that the mission of the new era puts higher demands on companies in the market economy and urges enterprises to move toward higher areas.

Under the “Strong Survival” rule, Shanghai Luxiangyi Centrifuge Instrument Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Shanghai Luxiangyi”) fully demonstrates a company with strong strength and core competitiveness. Specializing in the production of centrifuges, the products have been certified by the US FDA. The company has gathered high-level R&D talents and maintained good cooperative relations with many universities and research institutes.

Recently, Shanghai Lu Xiangyi also welcomed a special guest - Director of the State Key Laboratory of Iron and Metallurgy New Technology of Beijing University of Science and Technology, and doctoral supervisor Guo Zhancheng. Shanghai Lu Xiangyi warmly received the guidance of Guo Zhancheng, and the two sides discussed in depth the technical proposition of “using the more advanced methods to improve the temperature of the sample in the original supergravity experiment”.

The atmosphere is just right, the talks are very happy, the inspiration and thoughts collide in the conference room, and Shanghai Lu Xiangyi is also looking forward to the proper development of the national key metal materials research. In the conversation between the two sides, Mr. Guo Zhancheng also did not disguise the appreciation of Shanghai Lu Xiangyi's brand culture, and praised the company's specialization for quality.

Through the communication and communication of ecstasy, Shanghai Lu Xiangyi also benefited a lot. Guo Zhancheng was in direct reduction/melting reduction of ironmaking, coal gasification/combustion, solid waste treatment/reuse, flue gas desulfurization/dendification, supergravity metallurgy, electricity Scientific research in chemical metallurgy and other fields has outstanding achievements. The friendly meeting between the two sides will promote the accelerated application and application of scientific research results.

Speaking of Guo Zhancheng, he was awarded the National Outstanding Youth Fund in 2002; he was selected as the “Millions” Talent Project of the Ministry of Personnel in 2004; the “Billiton Gold Medal” Award from the Materials & Minerals & Mining Society in 2006; and the fifth in 2009. The Best Papers Presentation Award at the European Metallurgical Congress... is a well-known scholar and researcher in the industry.

Guo Zhancheng, who loves research and innovation, has long been engaged in the research of coal energy conversion and metallurgical secondary resource recycling in the iron and steel metallurgy process, and presided over the “sustainable development of clean ironmaking technology” and “coal-natural gas/coke oven gas combined gasification technology”. , "Blast furnace coal injection catalytic combustion energy-saving technology", "steel slag active component curing and resource utilization" and other research projects.

In addition, Guo Zhancheng's instructors have repeatedly published various academic papers at home and abroad, and have far-reaching influence. They have 17 patents for licensing technology inventions, including waste optical disk resource treatment technology, sodium sulphide extraction and potassium chloride extraction, and other industrial applications. Original technology.

Therefore, the visit of Guo Zhancheng's mentor to Shanghai Lu Xiangyi and academic discussions has largely proved that Shanghai Lu Xiangyi's comprehensive strength and technical ability are widely recognized. This centrifuge manufacturer, which is well-known for its exquisite design, excellent craftsmanship and excellent product quality, has gradually developed its brilliance after 40 years of polishing.

With the increase of brand awareness and the expansion of influence, Shanghai Lu Xiangyi's products have been exported to more than 30 countries and regions such as the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom, and have won more and more praise. Following the trend of “Internet +”, Shanghai Lu Xiangyi will also promote the digital upgrade of centrifuges to meet the ever-increasing user demand.

We are looking forward to tomorrow! Looking forward to better Shanghai Lu Xiangyi!